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Nohsaku Tin Sake Cup Tin Choko Kiki -1 [Japanese Made] 【日本製】能作 錫 杯 器喜 きき -1 スズ 酒器 おちょこ

Nohsaku Tin Sake Cup Tin Choko Kiki -1 [Japanese Made] 【日本製】能作 錫 杯 器喜 きき -1 スズ 酒器 おちょこ

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Nohsaku Tin Sake Cup Tin Kiki Choko Kiki 1 [Made in Japan]

Nohsaku is a brand of tin, bronze, and brass items made by craftsmen in Toyama. Among the manycups made by Nohsaku, this standard and calm shape is one of the most popular items. It has a high thermal conductivity, so if you put the cup in the refrigerator, it will cool well and be perfect for cold sake. It makes the time of evening drinking more gorgeous.


This is a 100% tin sake cup with a festive name (Kiki) that is suitable for celebrations and gifts.

Tinware has been cherished as a gift for prosperity since ancient times, as it is resistant to rust and decay. You can enjoy the smooth and mellow taste of sake without any impurities.

The design comes in two types: “Kiki 1”, which has a tapered shape at the bottom, and “Kiki 2”, which has a simple cup shape. Kiki 2 holds about 30 ml. This is a perfect item for both home use and gifts.

 Each cup is finished by hand by craftsmen one by one, and it feels soft and warm to the touch. It makes your daily evening drinking more enjoyable.

This is a very popular item made by craftsmen of Nohsaku, a traditional craft brand representing Japan.

Size/capacity: サイズ H35mm φ61 mm  40cc

 Production area: Japan

Material/Ingredients: Tin 100%  (Made in Japan)

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