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Organic Sake KIRAYUKI 煌雪 Junmai Ginjyo 720ml Tochigi Sagara fruity aromatic

Organic Sake KIRAYUKI 煌雪 Junmai Ginjyo 720ml Tochigi Sagara fruity aromatic

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Organic Junmai Ginjo
by Ikeda farm and Sagara brewery

Recommended for Sake beginner and who never tried sake.
It has a fruity and white wine-like taste. 
Junmai Ginjo brewed carefully with the sunlight of the Nikko Mountains and the water of the Futarasan Shrine. The rice is polished to 60% of its original size and brewed with Tochigi yeast. It is characterized by its fruity and aged flavor.
 [Types and characteristics of rice]
“Niji no Kirameki” is a new variety developed by the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, a national research institute, in 2018.
It is a rare rice that sells out quickly because there are few farmers who produce it. It has the same deliciousness as Koshihikari which is famous for delicious rice.
Ikeda Farm, the producer, has been committed to pesticide-free rice cultivation for over 15 years.
Ikeda Farm does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers during the cultivation period. They are professionals of “delicious and safe” rice.

Traditional and Authentic

[Brewery: Sagara Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.]

Founded in 1831. Located in the northern part of the Kanto Plain, where you can see the Ashio Mountains and Nikko Mountains to the north, and where the hills such as Mt. Miyagi, Mt. Iwafune, and Mt. Taihei begin. 

Using this water that the first generation Yohei fell in love with as the brewing water, they have been devoted to sake brewing since their founding, with the words “Wajo Ryoshu” (good sake brewed in harmony) in their hearts. They are a popular old sake brewery in the local area.

Best water for Sake
The brewery is surrounded by nature such as green mountains and farmland, and the spring water that gushes out from the Nikko Mountains on the premises has a soft mouthfeel that is so sweet that you can feel it (hardness 33mg/l).
Jizake Local Sake
Sake produced by an artisanal producer or microbrewery and manufactured using Tochigi local ingredients by breweries.
Kirayuki is Junmai Ginjo 
Kun-shu“ Fruity type
Aroma : Features gorgeous aromas of fruit or flowers, and has a sense of clarity.
Taste : Has moderate sweetness and roundness, balanced with a refreshing acidity.The brilliant aroma and refreshing flavor are characteristics of this type of sake.
Recommended temperatures:  Between 10 to 16℃ (50 to 61℉). It can be drunk as nuru-kan 40 if you would like the balance of sweetness and sourness.
What is Junmai Ginjo? 
Junmai ginjo is a type of sake that is made from pure rice wine without any distilled alcohol added. 
Rice polishing ratio 60% 
How much of the rice remains
Ginjo refers to the fact that at least 40% of the rice polished away during the brewing process

Kirayuki is fruity in aroma with a light and refreshing flavor. It pairs well with light foods such as sushi and sashimi, mild cooked fish dishes, caprese salad or carpaccio, and appetizers as an aperitif.
It is also good herbs, so recommended with ethnic cuisine like Vietnamese etc.
Tochigi Prefecture
50min. from Tokyo by Shinkansen
Tochigi prefecture is known for its beautiful nature and historical sites. Some of the interesting things to do in Tochigi include visiting Nikko Tosho-gu, Ashikaga Flower Park, Kegon Falls, Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura, Oya History Museum, Lake Chuzenji, and Nasu Animal Kingdom. You can also enjoy strawberry picking at many farms in the prefecture. You can enjoy famous yummy gyoza.
Kanpai! with Kirayuki
Enjoy Tochigi's local taste.
Exclusive at YoiYoi
The meaning is sparkling snow.
Recommended  for Gift
Alcohol 16 degrees
Rice (produced in Tochigi Prefecture: Ikeda Farm),
rice koji (produced in Tochigi Prefecture: Sagara Sake Brewery)
Rice used: 100% organic cultivation rice
Nijinokirameki Polishing ratio: 60%
Junmai Ginjo one-time fire entry Manufacturer: Sagara Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
3624 Shizuka, Iwafune-cho, Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture
※ Drinking alcohol under the age of 18 is prohibited by law.
 Please store at room temperature. After opening, please consume it as soon as possible while keeping it cold (refrigerated).
Delivery method: Room temperature
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