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Tin Sake Cup Tin Guinomi Japanese Made Osaka Tinware Suzu Flower Hana Akari

Tin Sake Cup Tin Guinomi Japanese Made Osaka Tinware Suzu Flower Hana Akari

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Tin Sake Cup Tin Guinomi [Made in Osaka Japan]
Indulge in the luxury of savoring delicious sake at home with the ‘Hana Akari’ Guinomi, a traditional Japanese sake cup made from tin, a product of Osaka Tinware. The moment you pour cold sake into this cup, it chills instantly, a testament to the superior heat conductivity of tin.

The Osaka Tinware sake cup is characterized by its moderate weight, strength, and the pleasant texture of its surface pattern. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by artisans, led by a traditional craftsman, all of whom hold national qualifications.

Tin, considered a luxury item alongside gold and silver since ancient times, is said to mellow the taste of sake. It is such a safe metal that it is even used for children’s tableware, making it an ideal gift.

This product is designated as a traditional craftwork of Japan, ‘Osaka Naniwa Tinware’. The ‘straight type’, which is straight from the body to the mouth, allows you to drink with a refreshing sensation. You may find it easier to drink sake with a distinctive aroma. It is also suitable for when you want to savor and drink a little at a time, as it is easy to adjust the amount of liquid flowing into your mouth.

Dimensions: Diameter 45mm x Height 46mm, 50ml

Place of production: Japan (Osaka)

Material/Composition: Tin (97%)

Experience the tradition and craftsmanship of Japan with each sip. Order your ‘Hana Akari’ Guinomi today and elevate your sake experience to new heights.


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